The dances

The dances that the group presents in his exibitions were the basic element of all feast days. In the middle, the choir composed by five voices and around it, men and women, holding hands, they marked the rhythm of the song with rapid steps. Today, the dance is performed furthermore with instruments as diatonic accordion, triangle, harmonica and Jew’s harp.

In his own repertoire, the Group has typical dances of Gallura as the archaic “baddu cantatu”, “lu baddu a passu”, and these dances that reproduce a rhythmic gait, with own variations, dances of different peoples of the Mediterranean; the skipping and lively “baddhittu” where the happiness and joy of the people is the highest expression; “La danza” rich in interweaving with bodies and arms; “lu dui in tre” e “lu tre in cincu”is continuous interweaving with legs and feet; “la danza cun dui passi di baddittu” and exhilarating “passu trincatu”.